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If the user do know the latest value of the property then it do help to decide the exact price for the property. So to know the latest value of the property its valuation is to be done in efficient manner. If the errors do occur in the valuation method then the problem also occur in the output of the valuation method which directly do affect the price decision making process. The event, called the "Old Toll Road Caravan," marked the third year that the museum has sponsored the trip as part of their fundraising endeavors and was a complete success, to the delight of all.

What makes the trip so special is that the historic road has been closed to vehicular traffic for the general public since 1939 and few individuals, except those that have legal access, have been permitted to churn their way up this once esteemed tourist route that at one time led visitors from Black Mountain to Mt. Mitchell. Black Mountain and the North Fork Valley have been the tourist gateway to Mt. Mitchell for well over 200 years.

From the start of European exploration, such as that of noted botanist Andre Micheau during the late 1700's and the explorations of the early residents of the North Fork Valley who hunted and grazed the lofty peaks of the Black Mountain Range, the area gained notoriety and attention. It was this attention that later was the focus of one of America’s newest challenges, that of being the first to discover the highest peak east of the Mississippi River.

To avoid the problem in the decision making process necessary steps is to be taken during the procedure of the Compensation Valuations method so that the result obtain will be best without any errors. During this period in the 1850s, a great controversy was brewing between Dr. Elisa Mitchell and Thomas Clingman. Each had laid claim to finding the highest piece of earth in eastern America. Only one would finally settle the argument, and pay for it dearly with his life.