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We continue to be consistent in our view that the deternination at the Public Inquiry of the two rival schemes for Bracknell will not be materially affected by the extent of each party's land holdings The only issues are the appropriateness of the two schemes in respect of Bracknell's retail supply and regeneration requirements, the impact on surrounding towns and the Government's planning policy We are confident that BRT's proposals meet all of these criteria William Hill managing director of SEPUT, further commented Nothing has changed. Both the BRT scheme and the L&G; scheme are the subject of the Planning Inquiry and will be looked at on planning merits.

the Jonathan Edwards Limited Prize, has been awarded to Peter Copley Property Director, EMAP plc who has successfully completed a three year course at City University The Prize, for the student showing the most distinguished performance in Corporate Property Management, is awarded at the completion of the three-year City University .

Mr Copley (35), of Stamford, Lincs, decided to take the Course in order as he says Otto help further develop the strategic property thinking at EMAP. Property valuation hypothesis offers to cool down on the choice for more improvements in the property or to keep that as it is and not worth the offerings. I chose this course, rather than an MBA, because of its links to my professional career and did find that my studies and my work were definitely complementary.

I learnt how property can contribute to value and now feel confident in formulating strategy alongside our finance and operational teams. As a result Of the course I have joined the RICS Occupiers Committee and that too helps me in my professional development.

Commenting on the Prize, Jonathan Edwards, a visiting lecturer at City University said Peter has shown excellent work and results throughout the course which is part time and therefore demands extra reserves of application and diligence It is never easy combining extensive study while at the same time producing results for your employer and Peter has succeeded admirably.

Corporate Real Estate, as a separate discipline, is a relatively new concept in the UK It is a concept that has existed in the US for a number of years and in some measure contributes to the success of US corporate. We are awarding this Prize as a i-neans of encouraging the growth of understanding of the value of corporate real estate studies and hence the value of our corporations.