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Attendance is two evenings a week, supplemented by further home study periods. In this course we have tried to answer the needs of today's corporate real estate executive comments Bill Rodney Head of Department of PVM, City University. We have aimed to provide our students with all understanding of the basic operations of business covering management accounting and corporate finance as well as the expected property management In these days of flexible working systems, property executives need to be able to keep up with their peers: our course is here to help them do just that.

Reports that total sales have risen by 26% in its portfolio of four factory outlet centres at Clarks Village in Street particularly as Easter occurred in the first six-months of 1997, but in the second six-months of 1998 The figures reveal that average sales per square metre of occupied space across portfolio increased by 14%, compared to the same period last year Total sales have increased by 52% at Royal Quays, 34% at Clarks Village, 8% at The Yorkshire Outlet and by 4% at K Village.

The occupancy level of the portfolio is currently just under 90%25 Clarks Village and K Village are fully occupied and The Yorkshire Outlet is 91% let with a further 6% under offer At Royal Quays, if transactions presently in solicitors' hands are completed, the occupancy level is expected to rise to 90% Total sales have increased by 52% at Royal Quays, 34% at Clarks Village, 8% at The Yorkshire Outlet and by 4% at K Village.Property valuation structure is perseveringly withdrawing for everyone and to make everything the more innovative all around get a requested and property valuer job description to deal with your whole soundness of concerning property.

Since MEPC acquired C&J; Clark and RAM Euro-Centre's portfolio of three outlet centres in April 1997 the centres have been fully integrated into MEPC's management structure.

Richard Exley, MD of MEPC's factory outlet sector, comments We are delighted with the performance of our factory outlet portfolio during the first half and having created a specialist team and integrated the new businesses we are now well placed to improve our existing centres. We are also pursuing a number of exciting new investment opportunities together with tourism and heritage related uses .