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Privacy Policy
Privacy policy is designed to hold and use your information that is provided by you when you visit our website. We keep your personal information with full safety and security.

At the time when you make any inquiry on our website we will use your information to provide you feedback.

We assure you that we will not provide your personal information to anybody without taking permission from your side. And after getting full confirmation from your side we allow any third party to access your personal information.

You must check our privacy policy statement as they may change according to time. By checking it you may able to protect your personal information by going into any third party’s hand.

Cookies help us to indentify user’s information as cookie is stored on users’ computer when a user visits our website. And it helps to identify user’s access on our website. By knowing users’ access we will able to improve our website according to users need as we will get to know users interest. By knowing users access information we will able to get the information that which user is more interested in which webpage.

Safety software is there to keep our website safe and secure. You personal information is stored in our database with full security.